In our first part of the top bistros in Berlin, we have covered places that do not just offer simple food for their customers but provide exceptional menus. To continue with our coverage, we will be taking a look at some bistros with the best desserts and the freshest ingredients. If you want to know more about the best places in the city, do not stop reading now!


The place offers a variety of drinks and desserts. You will find anything at Coda and they will be pleased to make your food with your preferences. Just recently, Coda received its first Michelin star, showing that a restaurant is a perfect place for anyone’s choice. A truly inspiring chef works there, a true mastermind by the name of Rene Frank; and when you order a meal, you would be amazed by the food art on your plate. They use the freshest ingredients for their food and are not afraid to experiment when making a new menu. Check out Coda and enjoy their 6-course menu which comes with desserts, for under €100. If you enjoy different cocktails, visit their bar for the experience you won’t forget.


When you order your main dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will be promised the best plate you ever had. The bistro is pretty exquisite regarding its location and buildings around it. It is located near the factory which used make schnapps. The surroundings can make you feel that you are back in time. During lunch, you can select many classic options for food but if you visit the place in the evening, you are in for a treat. You can pick from different courses and decide on what to get – 3 or 6 courses from a menu which is offering seasonal dishes. Prices range from €40 to €80, depending on what you will get.


The place is located outside Berlin’s luxurious hotel and is led by an Austrian chef. They gained their first nomination back in 2011 for their excellence and were awarded a Michel star. A beautiful bistro near the canal provides the guests with their best menu. Every dish is made from typical German ingredients and they are transformed into beautiful result on the plate. They use multiple ingredients to create various combinations for your taste. Also, the place offers a wide selection of Austrian wine which is rated to be excellent for your dining experience. Do not forget to book a table in advance as the place is usually crowded.


People drive from all over Berlin to try and taste bistro’s hummus which is made daily to keep it fresh and tasty. Azzam’s place has different options to choose from when talking about grilled food. Their main dish is the grilled minced lamb that is seasoned with their perfect spices and is sprinkled with sesame to make the dish delightful. Do not worry if you are on a budget, it is a perfect place for that. With the price you pay, you get a lot: with your dish, you get fresh vegetables, choices of sauces, olives and pita bread.

Azzam’s place
Azzam’s place