The top bistros in Germany’s capital Berlin have over thirty Michelin stars (rating system to grade restaurant’s quality) altogether. If you are looking for something to eat when traveling around Berlin, try to look for bistros with Michelin stars because you would not be disappointed.

It does not matter if you are picky with food, Berlin can offer you as many choices as you can think of. From a takeaway pizza to a fancy canal-side restaurant. Let’s take a closer look down below at the top bistros in Berlin.

Kin Dee

The bistro is a part of a famous Grill Royal empire in Berlin and has proven its success to the people. The owner of the place is also a head chef and is dedicated to deliver the best Thai food experience in the whole city. Her focus is to use the freshest ingredients in her food and that really paid off. The menu is pretty small but offers a lot of different choices, so you won’t be saying there is not much to choose from. At Kin Dee, they update the menu constantly, this way visitors can try many different foods throughout the year. If you are vegetarian, it also has a vegetarian menu which offers very tasty food options. In addition, with all the attention and fame in the local area, Kin Dee received Michelin star showing that the restaurant is graded as a top-tier one in Berlin. This award made her the youngest woman in Germany to get an honourable nomination. Visit Kin Dee and you won’t forget the amazing food experience!

Tim Raue

Despite the restaurant being in the top 50 list of the best restaurants in the world, it makes the place shine among the others because of its uniqueness. You can find various different meals on the menu such as prawn sashimi, marinated pork, amuse-bouches, different kinds of meat and fish. The bistro is designed to have a Japanese feel to it. Even the food can come with oriental touch and when you exit the place, it can still feel like you just visited  the Land of the Rising Sun. Do not forget to book a table in advance because the reservations go out quick!

Tim Raue

Grill Royal

If you ask a citizen of Berlin which bistro they would recommend choosing for a great food experience, they would definitely advise you to visit the place called Grill Royal. It is located next to the riverside and the place itself is beautiful, stylish and unique. However, if you are a vegetarian, the place is not for you as it is only focuses on meat lovers. Additionally, the prices are pretty high due to the fancy seafood and steaks. The meat is brought in from the local suppliers and sometimes from countries such as Australia and Argentina. The walls of the bistro are decorated with paintings and other sorts of art, and they are all brought in by the owner.