In recent years more and more people have found their way of exploring Stockholm thru walking trails. It is completely understandable considering the many health benefits, whether it is a shorter leg stretcher at lunch or a longer pulse-pounding power walk on the weekend.

But, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to go. As the habitual animals we are, it is easy to develop casual routines. Many probably recognize that you always go the same old regular round. Too bad, as the elongated country offers lots of wonderful walking paths and hiking trails in both urban areas and more scenic environments.

To help with inspiration, we have therefore taken a closer look at the range of hiking routes in Stockholm and the surrounding area and picked out the best of the best.

The island in the middle of central Stockholm is a scenic oasis in contrast to the dull city concrete. It is no coincidence that Stockholmers and tourists flock here on the weekends to enjoy the fresh air. There are plenty of walking paths that suit everyone.

Just north of Stockholm is this scenic castle park where you can stroll around and feel the wings of history while looking out over beautiful Edsviken.

Slussen – Montelius väg – Mariatorget – Götgatsbacken – Medborgarplatsen

Start this walk at Slussen, go up Hornsgatan, and turn up towards Mariaberget and beautiful Montelius road with a view of the whole town. Continue as far as you can before you turn left, Hornsgatan goes back to Mariatorget and there you can buy one of the city’s best ice creams at Stikky Nikki. Take St Paulsgatan onto Götgatan, walk up Götgatsbacken, check out stylish dresses at Monki, and finish at Medborgarplatsen.

Långholmen is an island by Södermalm which in the 18th century and onwards was a prison island. Today you can still spend the night in the old prison. Walk around the island, check out bathing spots, allotments, fantastic green areas, and the bridge over is worth a photo or two. From the eastern part, you have a wonderful view of the city.


In Vinterviken, near the busy Essingeleden, you can find peace under a walking trail that runs along the shores of Lake Mälaren and Alfred Nobel’s old dynamite factories.

Slussen – Gamla Stan – Slottet – Skeppsholmen – Kastellholmen – Kungsträdgården

Start at Slussen and Södermalm’s square, go down towards the Old Town. Then take Järntorgsgatan and Österlånggatan until you reach the Castle. Continue Slottsbacken down to Skeppsbron, cross Strömbron and turn right past Grand Hotell. Walk along the water and over the bridge to Skeppsholmen and snap a mandatory photo on the large gold crown. Keep right and walk around Skeppsholmen, pass the Af Chapman hostel, go out on Kastellholmen, pause in Hotel Skeppsholmen’s wonderful garden and then walk back over the bridge where you finish with ice cream in Kungsträdgården.

Around Djurgården

Start at Djurgårdsbron and the magnificent Nordic Museum, keep left, and follow the water. You will pass Skansen and then make a detour to the beautiful Rosendal’s garden café for coffee and buns on the lawn under the apple trees. The route continues along the canal, Djurgårdsbrunnsviken. Blockshusudden is located at the far end of Djurgården and there is also a café for fluid stops if you need it. Continue on the south side of Djurgården, past Biskopsudden, and the art museum Waldemarsudde. Fold up Djurgårdsvägen, pass the award-winning restaurant Oaxen and Gröna Lund before you take the boat, tram, bus, or bridge home.


Värmdöleden is a hiking trail that stretches a total of 25 kilometers and goes in several stages with a wonderful rural environment. Connects to several bus stops with bus lines that go directly to and from Slussen.

Hiking trail

During some days we decided to see Stockholm thru walking, to explore places we have never seen before. We didn’t decide before where to stop to eat but decided to just stop where ever we found a nice place, for food, ice cream, or something to drink. There were so many nice bistros and bars and restaurants of all types, everywhere we went. When we needed rest we just sat down, ordered something, relaxed, and watched people passing by. Even though I did use my phone a little when resting, I only played small at sites like wordfeud or pokerstars, but not for long. Actually, we enjoyed the walking so much so we didn’t want to stay long at any place we stopped.

The favorite was cafecolette on St Eriksgatan, which offered a magical French menu. We will definitely return there. However, we found many other nice places to eat, big and small. The next hike might be a gourmet hike with friends, who knows.