A lot of people call all catering places just cafes or restaurants. After all, there is an obvious difference, defined by the price of food, atmosphere, interior, choice of dishes, eating culture, and even clothes. However, every educated person should be aware of certain differences and describe the catering places correctly. So, how to not get lost between terms of a restaurant, a café, and a bistro?

Daily Food: Fast, Faster, and Fastest

The places of fast casual or fast everyday food concept is an intermediate option between fast food places that can also be called fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or KFC, and between casual dining / casual eating places like cozy family restaurants. Confused, right? Actually, it is pretty easy. When you visit a few different places, the hierarchy of just a few steps makes everything very simple and clear.

Fast Food Restaurants

The goal of fast-food places is to prepare food easily and deliver it to customers quickly. At fast food places people are not served at tables, you need to order food yourself at the service box or bar, and the price of meals should not be expensive. There is no fancy interior in such places, most customers do not get any cutlery, and all plates and glasses are made of paper or plastic and used only once. Often, such places offer the possibility to order food while sitting in the car. Usually, food in such places is associated with the term junk food, as a result, it is unhealthy food. While this is not the rule, it is usually true. The menu includes all kinds of burgers, fried chicken, fries, chicken nuggets, tortillas, kebabs, or pizza. Usually, such places have no alcohol drinks or just light beer.

Fast Casual Food Restaurants/ Bistro

Such restaurants arose from the need to eat fast but healthier. While healthy food is not the rule of the fast casual concept, this type of places avoids unhealthy foods. Here you can expect the higher quality ingredients. So, the food will have better quality, it will be healthier and a little more expensive. This type of restaurant also usually does not offer table service. Another difference is the environment. Here, more attention is paid to the interior. The rule of giving food to the guest as soon as possible also applies. Fast casual food places include daily lunch restaurants, and they are popular in large shopping malls.

Fine Dining/ Real Restaurant

This level is the highest to this day. In this type of restaurant, you must get the complete satisfaction with the food and the environment or in other words, dinner here will be the new experiences. From the first greeting until the last moment, all the details make a unique atmosphere. Here you will find impeccable service, top quality food, a great and wide selection of drinks. The furniture and plates are high quality, artistic, and complement the interior. As a result, the price of such a dinner will be high, but you must understand, that it is not just food – it is an experience.

Fine Dining Real Restaurant
Fine Dining/ Real Restaurant